We are dedicated to provide the safest, most user friendly, top quality, best built, hydration carts in the world and make them available at an affordable price.

Proper hydration, without sacrificing the safety and healthy well being of athletes , is what we are about.

Utilizing the time and efforts of trainers, coaches and players to get maximum performance is what makes a winning program.


We hope you are safe and healthy with the looming threat of the COVID-19 virus. Wheelin' Water has always been dedicated to provide you and your athletes the opportunity to have the safest hydration equipment possible. Our unique design allows for easy cleaning and sanitizing. We have always provided sanitizing tablets with each cart and stock them for you to purchase. These tablets are recommended for sanitizing food contact surfaces. In the instruction and maintenance manual that is included with each cart, there are cleaning instructions for the contact areas of the cart: inside tanks and coolers, pumps, hoses and nozzles.

We have contacted the tablet manufacturer and they provided the following information:

1- The main ingredient in their tablets is QUATERNARY AMMONIUM, which is on the EPA list of COVID-19 approved sanitizers.

2- Our tablets are for sanitizing ,not disinfecting.

3-For external sanitizing of our carts they recommend you clean the entire exterior of cart with a good and safe disinfecting cleaner and rinse clean.

4- Pour some of the mixed sanitizer in a spray bottle and completely coat all exterior surfaces. DO NOT rinse off cart. There is a 60 second contact time for sanitizer. Once it has air dried it is ready for use.

We stock the WWSAN tablets, 150 per bottle

Once this pandemic has passed, you can rest assured we will have an ample inventory of finished carts and replacement parts.


As we have always done, carts will be water tested, charged and sanitized prior to shipment.

Be safe and be healthy.




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