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WTMGR-TEAM MANAGER 50 GALLON TANK with 16 Hose and Nozzles

 The ultimate hydration tool when space and handling are an issue, but you demand a large quantity of clean, fresh water and an abundance of drinking nozzles. It comes standard with 16 nozzles that wrap around 3 sides of cart that gives you ample room between outlets for athletes. The all new TEAM MANAGER will fit thru a 33" door and has the turning ability of a play wagon in it's all stainless steering assembly. The low to the ground 50 gallon tank allows you to maneuver easier and use the top basket for all your training supplies, allowing athletes to get their own needed items and saving trainers time running for supplies and extra water.


Arrives to you assembled and ready to use.




WTMGR-TEAM MANAGER 50 GALLON TANK with 16 Hose and Nozzles

    • 33"W x 60"L x 41"H
    • All aluminum,welded frame- Fits thru a 33" doorway
    • Wide set wheels increase stabilization, easier to maneuver.
    • All tires are NO-FLAT
    • Stainless steel steering assembly gives excellent turning ability.
    • Fork converts to a tow bar to allow towing behind gator or tractor.
    • 50 gallon water tank with large 8" opening. Great for adding ice.
    • (2) 3 GPM pumps powered by a 35 amp battery
    • 16 individual drinking nozzles on 5 ft coils
    • Seperate manifolds wrap around sides and rear of cart.
    • Rugged upper storage deck with closed ends for training supplies, water bottles, coolers or any training tools you have.  Upper deck at a height of 36".
    • Inline filter helps protect pumps

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