Wheelin' Water is the result of my search to find something that my son Steve could really get into and be a part of. For most 16 year olds, finding something to do or to be part of is not a problem. You meet friends at school, join the football team or some club, maybe you learn to drive or go out on a date. Normal things to do.

For Steve, this was not the case. In May of 2002, Steve had an accident where he fell off the back of a golf cart and sustained a severe, life altering, closed head injury. He had always been a very active kid. He was on a soccer team, played Y-ball, loved to ride his bike and was going out for his junior high school football team. Steve still wanted to be involved in sports and to be part of a team. Though big enough to play on any team, 6’-9” and 250 lbs, he could have no hard contact. He became a 4 year letterman as a manager on his high schools state ranked football team.

The rule on his team was “HYDRATE”. There’s always plenty of water on the sidelines for the players to drink. The problem was I found Steve spending much of the game walking back and forth to a locker room, fumbling a cart with empty water jugs. What was needed was a way to get an ample source of water on the field, make it easy to maneuver and refill. Steve and I put our heads together and made our first prototype out of a barrel cart and lawnmower wheels. ( See picture below )

Many revisions later, we developed the first hydration cart  which was the start of Wheelin' Water. His team and coaches were happy with the performance and versatility of the cart.

But we didn't stop there. We went from heavy, steel frames with wood handles to using aluminum  and stainless , food grade components. With our main motivation being what is best for the end users, we wanted trainers, coaches and athletes to all benefit from having proper hydration  available wherever it was needed.


We saw the need for a larger volume of water that was easy for a team manager or trainer to maneuver. This led to the Field Manager 65 gallon trailer, which can be modified to satisfy any hydration requirements.  


The next move was to make carts that were smaller in size and volume of water, but safe and dependable, for programs with lesser needs. These grew out of trainers that needed special requirements for their athletes but didn't have the need for large volumes of water and had to work on smaller budgets.  We filled the gaps for teams with systems from 12 gallons to 100 gallons. This also led to accessories like insulated covers , ice funnels, water filters and hitch assemblies which help teams optimize the benefits of our carts.

Today we build the best hydration carts in the world. My son Steve takes great pride in being a part of developing and building a quality product that we stand behind 100%. I’m glad he’s on my team.

Greg & Steve Parks with Unit 4x6.jpg