Stop wasting water. The Water Station allows for clean, fresh water as it is needed. An inline water filter helps eliminate 99% of contaminates coming from a garden hose. Water Station folds up for easy storage.


Ships UPS and easy to assemble with 5 parts.


  • •Connects directly to any clean water source.

    •Inline garden hose water filter reduces contaminates and is good for 5000 gallons

    •All aluminum, likght weight frame collapses for easy storage.

    •8 drinking nozzles on 3 ft  hoses on a 55” manifold.  Hoses are blue to help prevent mold /algae. Fittings and hoses are food grade.

    •½” inline valve for adjusting water pressure

    •Flexible feet adjust to any terrain

    •Removable plug on manifold allows for several stations to connect in a series.